Google News explores the potential of geolocation

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Google News explores the potential of geolocation image

Google News is expanding a new feature of geolocation called “Google Near You” .This option makes it possible to know what it is happening around you in compiling local information.

This Google News option works only on mobile declination (English and American version) through a pop-up asking if you want to share your location. Refining search results based on its location, nothing new in principle.

What we mean by local news is a bit different from what is usually understood, ” explains Navneet Singh, Product Manager, Google News, in a contribution blog dated May 13. “We analyze every word of every article and the source in order to deduce the origin”.

An interesting distinction. Because that means that Google Near You will not be satisfied to draw up a list of the local press titles.  It can also present articles of newspapers “extra-local”, as from the moment when these articles have a relationship with the geographical location of the user. Example: this exhibition at the street corner may have an impact nationally and be evoked by a newspaper across the country.

In the custom settings, it is also possible to refine their preferences by choosing the sets of topics and information which you’re interested in.

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  1. Wimpy says:

    Thank God! Somoene with brains speaks!

  2. Annette says:

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    Mon francais n’est pas tres bon, je suis de l’Allemagne.

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