5 Steps to measure the results of your “social media” strategy

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5 Steps to measure the results of your "social media" strategy Infographic

Following and measuring the performances of an online marketing campaign has  become essential for many marketeers. By measuring these performances, you are in constant learning and can thus improve comprehension of your target, its manner of interacting with your various points of contact and the messages which you diffuse.

However, there are a multitude of metrics and the difficulty lies in their selections, comprehension and implementation. It is more correct to insist on data to measure the effectiveness of your strategy which leads to influence your earnings than to measure a direct impact on the latter.

E-Interactive has published a graphic about this subject: it presents 5 stages to help you to measure your social media strategy. With these five quick steps outlined below, let us add first an important element: defining its goals. What is the purpose of your campaign: to create notoriety? To improve your reputation? To acquire new customers? etc

  • key performance indicators or KPIs: The importance to define specific indicators for each medium. For example,  the returns on Facebook or Twitter will not be the same.
  • Configure your analytical data: For example, the creation of segments to filter your traffic according to the supports or type of contents.
  • Use other specific tools: A multitude of tools are available. Radian6 or BrandWatch to measure your online reputation, PeerIndex or Klout to help you select influencers and Tweetreach to measure the impact of a tweet …
  • Understand the usefulness of each metrics: Measuring quantitative information or measuring  the evolution of your activity? It is important to assign to each metrics a specific goal.
  • Revise your strategy:If your campaign did not function as expected, identify the metrics with bad performances. Therefore, ask yourself the question: what can you do to improve them?

And you what do you think about E-interactive  infographic.

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